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Fill your own containers or bags with only the amount you want and need

Fair Trade

Organic produce wherever possible, UK produced or supplied at competitive prices


Helping to reduce packaging waste

Our aim is to enable you and your family to reduce food and rubbish waste in your household. We want to make a Zero Waste lifestyle easily accessible for anyone who wants to make a difference.

"This isn’t a hippy, new age way of shopping. It was done like this before large supermarkets defined our shopping habits."


'The avoidance of the depletion of natural resources in order to maintain an ecological balance.'

Supermarkets waste so much and often undercut suppliers and producers. Every evening a criminal amount of food is wasted.
Avoid being part of over supply and just buy what you need.


'Avoiding activities or organisations that do harm to people or the environment.'

When shopping ask yourself who made this? Were they treated fairly?
Everyone deserves a fair chance and it should be our responsibility to stop depleting and exploiting other countries.


'Food or farming methods produced or involving production without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or other artificial chemicals'

Zero Waste Pantry is helping our environment by stocking organic products sourced as locally as possible.

Image of beach covered in waste plastic


I wanted to give up using unnecessary plastic and packaging in general. I wanted to get back to basics, to have control over how much I needed to buy and where it came from.

My eyes were opened to the impact of plastic long before Blue Planet 2 and now that I am studying for a Degree in Social Sciences it has opened my eyes even more to things like consumption, sustainability and ethics.

Why shop like this?

I have discovered that small steps do make an impact. We can stand up to supermarkets and big corporations and stop them from passing the burden onto the consumer.

By choosing to shop at Zero Waste Pantry you can help to reduce un-necessary packaging, food waste and go plastic free easier.

Image of sign plastic takes 500 years to decompose

What is Zero waste?

This is your journey, any steps you can take to reduce waste will help our planet and its inhabitants for many generations to come. How can I do this? Well it’s all about the 5 R’s

Icon for refuse Refuse

Do you need it? Can you live without it? Will you use it again? If not, politely decline. Say no to anything that is single use. Say no to straws, plastic cutlery or paper plates.

Icon for reduce Reduce

Simplify your life. Try not to buy more then you need to reduce waste production and help to stop unnecessary consumption. Every little bit can help.

Icon for reuse Reuse

Avoid single use items. Move to more sustainable options. Reuse those jars and bottles. Check if your area has a jar bank you can donate any unwanted containers to. If an item breaks ask whether it can be repaired before replacing it. When it's time to replace it try to look for something that can be repaired or may last longer. It’s worth the effort and can save you money - promise.

Icon for recycle Recycle

If you have followed the first 4 steps there really should be little to recycle. Check what your council does recycle and whatever is left behind be sure to rinse it and pop it in the right box. There are programs popping up everywhere that will take things like toothpaste, toothbrushes and even crisp packets. However, this is helpful but a better solution must be found as tons of recycling can go to landfill every fortnight due to contamination.

Icon for rot Rot

This last R refers to composting or setting up a wormery (great project idea!). If you can’t home compost, utilise your food waste caddy or chat to friends or neighbours who may already be home composting. You never know they may be happy to help you on your journey.
Image of cupboard full of jars of loose produce

How it all works

There will be a range of dry goods in gravity bins, scoop bins or jars. At first the range will be small, but if there is anything you want me to get just have a chat or drop me an email.

Bring your own clean and dry container, jar or cloth bag or whatever you like really. Zero Waste Pantry will accept no liability for any contamination once products have been dispensed into your own vessels. If you do forget your own container do not despair, we will have some recycled brown bags and a jar bank to use or you may want to think about purchasing your very own cloth bags 😊

We will weigh your container for you and make a note of its weight. We will then fill this with your requested product at the amount you want. Once its full and you are finished shopping, its back to the till to pay.

What we stock

A range of ‘basic’ cupboard goods such as flour, rice, pulses, lentils, dried fruit and nuts. We have a range of herbs and spices as well as loose leaf tea. We also stock a range of cleaning products by Greenscents for refill including shampoo, conditioner and hand soap, so save those empty bottles for refilling.

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If you want further information on what we stock or if there is anything you think we should stock, please email us and we will investigate further.

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